Early cancer detection through saliva
About the approach
Our approach
Early detection of oncology is the most effective path leading to successful treatment and recovery. Within the framework of ChoiEyeQ project, a method has been developed to diagnose cancer at the initial stage.
The test is based on saliva the subject to laser scanning to detect tumor metabolites - characteristic of malignant neoplasms.

In case of cancer tumor its waste products enter the bloodstream and are carried with the blood to all organs, including the salivary glands, and then enter the saliva.
High accuracy
Small amount of required biomaterial
No medical contraindications
Laser equipment is developed
and has no world analogues
and the equipment is approved for medical use
Industrial equipment testing is passed successfully
A patent is obtained
both for method and equipment
and the accuracy of the saliva cancer detection method is proved
Laboratory clinical tests
are carried out
Choi En Djun
Doctor of Medical Science, Professor, Oncologists, Chief Physician at European and Oriental Medicine Medical Center (Moscow, Russia)

Member of American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), Association of oncologists of Russia
Sometimes fates develop such a way that make us realize the life itself with its goals, objectives and mission.

My father who had an active lifestyle, never drank and smoked, was in excellent physical shape (when he was 49 years old he could do 30 pull ups and 100 push ups) one day felt hypochondrium pain. The pulling pain was ongoing and lasted for several months. He was diagnosed stage 4 lung cancer. We tried all possible treatments, but could not help him, as much time was lost - crucially important in the fight against cancer.

After my father passed away, I set a goal to save as many people as possible, and a purpose of my life became to develop a method for diagnosing cancer at an early stage. A lot of scientific work, research, tests have been carried out. Thus appeared the project ChoiEyeQ focusing on early cancer diagnosis based on saliva.

Our approach
Saliva is collected using
a cotton swab
The swab is put into Eppendorf tube
The tube is tested in the laser equipment
High accuracy

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"Express screening test for initial stages detection
of 10 the most common cancer types"
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